Are you looking for EDM wire cut services in Mississauga? Our range of wire cut services plus tool and die extrusion services in Mississauga and surrounding areas. We lead the local industry in delivering the diverse range of engineering production solutions at affordable prices. Whether it is EDM drilling, die repair, EDM tool extrusion or micro hole drilling services, our team delivers the project wihtin the budget.

wire cut edm process

Our EDM Wire Cut Services in Mississauga

  • Medical
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Electrical and Mechanical
  • Other Technical Industries

Quality, efficiency and timely delivery are the key characteristics of our projects. The final delivery of the project is undertaken only after passing through stringent quality tests. CNC lathe services in Mississauga from EDM Cut Inc. are a cut above the rest.


Wire EDM Cutting

We have advanced EDM wire cutting machines with 4-axis movement. We can deliver far better services compared to traditional EDM wire cutting. Rapid production needs can be met swiftly with high accuracy. We can create complex geometric patterns with precision. No matter how complex the project, discuss with our EDM wire cut professionals in Mississauga and we will deliver the right solution. Our small and micro hole EDM drills help us deliver very precision projects with high accuracy.

CNC Lathe Services in Mississauga

CNC lathe is a very versatile machine that is used in numerous industries including automobiles, technology, and others. Our advanced CNC machines are ideal for various tasks including:

  • Knurling
  • Threading
  • Reaming
  • Grooving
  • Facing
  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Sanding and more

We have modern computerized CNC machines that work with digital precision. These machines help us lower cost, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

Stamping Tool & Die Extrusion in Mississauga

EDM Cut Inc provides die extrusion and stamping tool services in Mississauga at affordable prices. Whether you want die repair in Mississauga or progressive dies, we undertake them all. Multi-channel flow control dies are also available. We make dies and stamping tools for various components in multiple sizes and shapes. Our manufacturing team is experienced and delivers fast turnaround times with high client satisfaction rate.

Both progressive and line dies for small applications are made. Extruder die application projects are well taken care of with custom orders. Transfer dies are also manufactured. All the components are made from high strength materials which ensures long life and reliability. Call us for emergency die repair services in Mississauga and die changes.

EDM Tool Extrusion Services

Need EDM tool extrusion services in Mississauga? Call our EDM Cut Inc professionals for barrel liners, extrusion dies, adapters and more. We have a successful base of vendors whom we serve quality EDM tool extrusion services including design assistance, die and tool fabrication. From small runs to large volume production, we handle them all. High dimensional tolerance along with high run time are two key characteristics of our services.

We also offer complex wire cutting and custom machining services in Mississauga. We pursue excellency in our craft through advanced technology, no matter how complex the project.

Call EDM Cut Inc Today for custom EDM wire cutting services in Mississauga.