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Machines and Capability

At E.D.M Cut we employ state of the art manufacturing and inspection equipment coupled with powerful CAD/CAM software to deliver industry leading quality. Our EDM and CNC departments give us the capability needed to fully manufacture an extensive range of tooling, molds, dies and machining products. Our experienced machinists are only satisfied with the highest quality and always provide the necessary skill and engineering insight to deliver the right product.

Wire EDM

For the highest precision and speed we use Charmilles 4-Axis Wire EDM machines. These machines allow us to deliver top quality parts for an extensive variety of tool & die and mold making applications. They give us the capability to cut complex profiles and tapers with excellent surface quality to exact specification. With a machining stroke of X=16” Y=10” and Z= 16” we can easily accommodate most jobs. Our Wire EDM machines are known for speed and quality and are a corner stone of our reputation for excellence.

2 and 4-axis CNC Lathe Machining

We produce a wide variety of CNC lathe products from complex 4-Axis parts to short run production. Our 2 and 4-Axis lathes are capable of machining parts up to 10” diameter and 23” in length. We rely on our Mazak and Hardinge lathes to provide consistency and quality through a range of dynamic capabilities including C – Axis, live tooling, dual spindle and up to 2.5” Bar feeding. We regularly work with a variety of steel, aluminum, plastic and composite materials.

CNC 3-axis Milling

We provide 3-Axis CNC Milling services for tool and die and general machining applications. We produce a variety of high quality 2D and 3D parts using high speeds machining, advanced tooling and milling techniques. We are also equipped with mills, lathes and grinders for manual machining applications.