At E.D.M. Cut Inc. we provide EDM and CNC machining services for a wide range of applications. We specialize in Wire EDM for tool and die industries such as extrusion, stamping and form dies, injection and blow molding, and roll forming. Our EDM and CNC departments give us the capability to fully manufacture a variety of tooling components for these industries. Our other areas of work include aerospace, medical, food industries and other manufacturing.

Form & Trim Dies

Die cutting is one of the things we do best at E.D.M. Cut. We provide speedy and dependable service to many tool and die makers across Ontario and North America. Our EDM department is equipped to handle the volume that the modern tool and die shop demands and has the experience and technology needed to cut complex profiles and with high precision and surface quality. With a range of EDM machines and capabilities including 4-Axis, submerged cutting, and up to 16 inches Z axis cutting we can easily accommodate most jobs.

Extrusion & Roll Form Tooling

Fabricating tooling for plastic and rubber extrusion requires the capability and experience we are proud to deliver at E.D.M. Cut Inc. We are equipped with the machines needed for 4-Axis and taper cutting for fabrication of die stacks, barrel liners, rolls, adapters and other extrusion tools. We regularly provide prototyping, sampling, and design assistance for many different types of extrusion tooling and roll forming.

Injection / Blow Molding

Wire EDM plays a key role in producing quality tooling for many kinds of injection molding. At E.D.M. Cut Inc. we have the experience and knowledge required for fabrication of injection mold tooling for many different products and materials. In addition to Wire EDM we have the capability to fully fabricate many kinds of mold and die components using CNC lathes, mills and grinders.

Other Services

In addition to Wire EDM we provide and general machining, engineering design and manufacturing services. These services include prototyping and design assistance, tool and die repair and general CNC and manual machining.