We manufacture parts to your exact process applications. Since 1995, we have offered high quality and accurate results in each and every piece of work preformed. At E.D.M CUT INC we only believe in being the best. Precision and customer services has and always will be our top priorities.

About Us

E.D.M Cut Inc manufacturers Wire EDM Machining wire parts to your exact EDM process applications. Our history starts with one wire EDM machine, a programming system and 8,000 square feet of electrical discharge machining services office space. E.D.M Cut Inc was founded in 1995.

The demand for our Electrical Discharge Machining Services is constantly escalating. Our sales growth is going higher and higher as each year passes. By 2003, we out grew our facilities and expanded down the street where we currently are located.

For high quality, high precision wire EDM machining and EDM hole drilling at competitive prices, look no further than EDM CUT INC. Request a quote today on EDM manufacturing service for your project, or contact us to learn more about our unique EDM wire cut company offerings.

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